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College internships to North Fuji New mode boost cooperation

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      To promote the new steps in the cooperation between colleges and facilitate the cognitive practice of the course in colleges, strengthening practical education, improve the student beginning ability and developing students' consciousness of labor consciousness and post, recently, shenyang university information engineering college of automation level 2014 more than 2014 students come into our North Fuji elevator enterprise cognition practice. To enhance students visit the practical effect, the company leadership attaches great importance to, specially arrange the responsible personnel for the entire reception, explain and lecture training.

The first stop

Visit the multimedia professional exhibition hall

In close contact with stereo, life of the elevator 

        Narrator and technical engineers to visit the exhibition hall, I company Zhang Xiaoru classmates are introduced respectively explain and technical problems. Narrator introduced the development of our company and elevator components exhibit; Zhang engineer for the students on the door of the elevator door machine, layer control system of the movement process, through the way of practice, let the students more intuitive understanding of the structure and movement principle of the lift. During the visit, the student has been photographed and communicate constantly asked the narrator.

The second stop

Insight into the production line, the production process 

         The students visited the elevator, elevator testing tower production lines, production workshop, the narrator detailed to introduce the operation method of each kind of production equipment and each machining process. Watching the mechanical processing, shearing machine, bending machine and other equipment of the control process, the students also put forward a lot of questions, and are interested in your part of the photograph.

The third stop

Business leaders face to face, the teaching of professional knowledge

       In the meeting hall, the students experience the standing by my company general manager zhang always bring the wonderful lecture. Zhang general manager for the classmates introduced some main components of elevator and elevator running safety knowledge, elevator accident emergency and handling, the elevator development prospects and employment guidance and so on. Communication process, a total of internship students welcomed to visit our factory, and says it will continuously promote college interaction, to provide more opportunity for students to visit companies, and in the future practice, employment opportunity and platform for the students. At the same time, he also remarks on students, hope they can understand the enterprise on the talent requirements as soon as possible, know their own advantages and disadvantages, and constantly improve themselves.

Zhang general manager of course gives students a wonderful the elevator

         Manager conclusion: the visit, the students not only in-depth enterprise, understand the company operation, more feel the north rich enterprise culture, but also enhance the professional cognition, clear enterprise to talented person's demand, help them to further clarify their own development goals!

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