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Works together Another fine — LN North Fuji Elevator sales meeting held successfully in 2016

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 On January 23, 2016, "LN North Fuji Elevator 2015 sales job summary and 2016 work plan meeting" in gloria plaza hotel shenyang is held ceremoniously. Company main leadership, the regional director and sales staff attended the conference. Meeting for the company not only makes a summarization on 2015 sales work, to the regional sales situation has carried on the detailed analysis of acceptance, At the same time also made detailed planning of 2016 sales job.

Under the joint efforts of the whole sales team, in 2015 the company has been a steady rise in sales performance, remarkable achievements. Top three salesman for performance outstanding, the company gave a recognition and generous rewards, fully recognized one year's effort, encourage their persistent efforts, get better grades.

 The company leadership and sales of the top three

   In 2016, in the face of the domestic economic downturn, the sustaining wearying of real estate development momentum, the company targeted to adjust the marketing strategy, and will continue to strengthen internal management, increase investment in new product development, brand extension to promote the depth and breadth of, aimed at promoting the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, boosting sales development.

   Through good salesman experience sharing and communication between the team and all their ideas fully, share tips, Expect is committed by the whole team work, and the strong support of the company policy, the leadership of the lead, right north rich elevator 2016 again, risen, again!

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