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Take development, hit a new high- North Fuji elevator sales 2017 annual meeting held successfully

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    January 16, 2017 -17 day,“North Fuji elevator 2016 sales summary and annual work plan meeting” held in Liaoyang, Tang River Sea Spray Suites Hotel grand meetingCompany main leadership, regional director, sales and marketing personnel gathered, coagulation hearts meet force, North Fuji elevator together new future.

The meeting reviewed the company in 2016, the achievements, And analyze the market situation and industry dynamics in 2017, anticipation, and explore the corresponding response and development strategy. Established to strengthen the control on the quality of products and installation and supervision strength, continue to improve production efficiency, increase brand awareness, promotion of a series of measures such as depth and breadth, to promote the realization of the enterprise overall strategic target, make the enterprise in the future intensified competition in the market more competitive.

Affected by the domestic real estate market continued downward in 2016, the elevator industry competition is intense. However, under the joint efforts of the whole team, rich north elevator withstood the pressure of competition, sales risen, early overfulfilled the sales plan, once again created a new sales record. For performance outstanding sales area and sales, the company at the conference were given recognition and generous rewards.

    The sea in full, make more straight hanging. Brand new 2017 is already open, all north rich elevator has been gaining momentum, with a new task, new target, bearing the new hope and new dream set sail, is set in the new journey, inner record.

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