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Passenger Elevator

The introduction of advanced production technology, based on beautiful, comfortable and safe, has been integrated into the design concept of human nature, which can meet the needs of residential, shopping malls, hotels and other occasions.

Observation Elevator

Offers a variety of styles for you to choose: semi circle, diamond, square, etc.. The carefully designed gorgeous exterior and the point of view of the open sight glass, will take the comfortable and visual beauty perfect combined into building mobile wor

Medical Service Elevator

Take the special nature of hospital elevator,on the basis of ordinary passenger elevator, a series of auxiliary functions are specially added,practical and human nature of the organic combination, the real hospital tailor.

Stretcher Elevator

An elevator car equipped with emergency bed and transport stretcher, which is convenient for emergency medical personnel to rescue the home. Humanized design concept, in order to ensure the rational use of resources, but also save the cost of labor and re

Villa Elevator

Design, and strive to reliable and user-friendly; style, focus on building their overall perception of luxury and comfortable take effect, make the elevator became a status symbol, embodied the noble.

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