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North Fuji elevator enterprise culture exhibition hall built using

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      Recently, the company's corporate culture exhibition hall has been built and used, which will become a display of corporate image, to strengthen the exchange of foreign cooperation and platform.

      The exhibition area of nearly 3000 square meters, the exhibition arrangement orderly, distinct, mainly divided into seven exhibition: car display zone, a host display door plank, display area, the control system of display area, safety components display area, escalator parts display region, a remote monitoring center, comprehensive exhibition shows the company a variety of different styles of car products, and portal hoist and a host of other all sorts of elevator components. In addition, the exhibition hall is equipped with a villa ladder, sightseeing staircase, indoor staircase, debris ladder and other experimental ladder, for customers to ride experience.

      Office of the exhibits and interactive manipulation, by using a combination of multimedia devices and light box panels, traditional exhibition mode and video play with more vivid display rich North elevator technology and product strength, allow customers to personally operation and experience the different safety device, a linkage mechanism of action process, close, enjoy the rich North elevator & comfortable! Exhibition hall set up a projection, remote monitoring and other technology, through the sound, light effect, a full range, multi angle display of the company's overall image and culture, so that guests enjoy a unique audio-visual feast!

      The completion of the northern rich corporate culture exhibition, providing customers with a platform to focus on display enterprise products and enterprise development, but also to add an important employee corporate culture and education base.

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