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You know the elevator self-help knowledge may be wrong

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一、The wire rope of the elevator will be broken?

    In fact, the rope is not as fragile as you think. The elevator car is pulled by the steel wire rope, the bigger the weight is, the more the rope root. For the general residential building elevator, at least 3 wire rope, each wire rope about 10 strands of small steel strands, each steel strand and has a steel wire, as long as the broken one will replace the whole. In theory, the bearing capacity of a steel wire rope is enough, and only one of the two is broken. Moreover, the probability of all the broken wire rope is really almost No.

二、Trapped in the elevator will choke to death?

    In fact, the elevator car is not a closed space, there is no risk of suffocation.

三、How do the elevator suddenly fall?

    Many people worry that in the running process of elevator suddenly fall, but in fact, although the "elevator fall" is a kind of fault encountered, but the elevator is not really down.

"Lift down" in general there are two types of:

1, the elevator in the process of emergency stop

Generally, this is because the operation of the safety loop or the door lock circuit is broken, causing the elevator to stop.

2, the elevator running in the process of failure and automatically return to the base station reset.

The majority of people misunderstood elevator fall, the probability of the occurrence of this situation and the probability of buying a lottery almost 5 million.

四、How do you feel in recent years, particularly high lift accident?

    This may be the illusion of media reports, the elevator is the safest vertical transport, no one. The annual accident rate is only one hundred thousand points, and more than 80% are human factors, such as in the installation, maintenance, did not do a security warning, do not pay attention to drop the well.

    In fact, the elevator safety device is the most. Through the multi level security control: first, wire rope, safety coefficient is above 12, that even if only a wire rope has won't happen falling ladder; second, speed limiter, elevator speed control is abnormal, touch the safety clamp actuator, clamping rail; third, the limit switch, at the top of the chute and at the bottom there is a limit switch, when the elevator at the top or bottom squat, limit switch, touch on the traction machine brake, stop the car to exercise; fourth, buffer in the pit and top (usually the bottom) equipped with hydraulic buffer, ensure the fall will not directly hit the ground.

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