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North Fuji Elevator to obtain a "stretcher lift technology" patent

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        In 2012, the state introduced the new standard of elevator: twelve and twelve storeys of the housing, each building should be set up to two units, which should be set up to accommodate a stretcher.

        In order to meet the needs of the site to save space, as well as to solve some problems of the old district can not expand the well road area, our company in 2013 to set up a technical R & D team to meet the needs of the new stretcher elevator, and in December 18, 2013 to apply for the National patent. In July 2, 2014, the State Intellectual Property Office formally awarded the utility model patent certificate for the stretcher elevator.

       R & D concept: this patented technology is a kind of elevator car with first aid bed and Transport Stretcher function. It can realize the function of medical emergency stretcher with low cost, which is hidden in the car.

      Technical features: in the daily use, the elevator with the ordinary passenger elevator is no different. But once the medical first aid, embedded in the elevator wall of the stretcher will be automatically placed on the stretcher, health care workers can be placed on a stretcher bed, while the elevator directly to the "special" state, and automatically shield other outside calls, directly to the required floor. In addition, some of the elderly and disabled passengers in the elevator, can also be flat on the running under the car emergency stretcher.

       Scope of application: apply to the depth of the well road, to save space.

       This humanized design concept, in order to ensure the rational use of resources, but also save the cost of human resources, to maximize the rescue time to facilitate emergency medical personnel into the home, to provide a convenient way of life passage".

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